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Financial regulatory

Whatever sector your business operates in, the chances are you're facing increasing regulation. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls.

Our Regulatory team will help you understand and operate within your sector's framework. Should you risk falling foul of any regulations, we're here to minimise the impact on your business.

We recognise that organisations today are increasingly held to account for their business practices. We also know that, as well as these external threats, you must comply with money-laundering regulations which can hamper your ability to secure and service new clients. And if that wasn't enough, you need to protect yourself from fraud.

Our specialist lawyers advise on regulation, business and financial crime and compliance, including both contentious and non-contentious matters. Drawing on the experience of team members who have worked for regulators (including the UK Financial Conduct Authority)), and in-house teams, we'll guide you through the regulatory process. We have a deep knowledge of the insurance professionals and asset and fund management sectors and advise industry and trade bodies as well as commercial clients.

The Team