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Online safety and regulation

The Online Safety Act introduces a new era for internet regulation, imposing a complex and burdensome regulatory regime on online user-to-user services and search engines which target the UK.

Online platforms and search engines will now be required to proactively tackle and mitigate harm caused by online content with serious consequences for non-compliance.  Almost any company that operates an online service in the UK allowing user-to-user engagement or featuring a search engine will be caught by the legislation.

RPC's Online Safety Group provides an overview of the legislation and practical advice on whether and how online services need to comply with the new rules.   

If you have any questions about online safety or regulation, please contact Rupert Cowper-Coles or Nadia Tymkiw

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David Cran

Head of IP & Tech

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Oliver Bray

Senior Partner

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Rupert Cowper-Coles


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Ciara Cullen


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Alex Wilson


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Nadia Tymkiw

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