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EU law rethink means 'uncertainty is delayed, not removed'

Published on 28 April 2023

Partner Patrick Brodie, head of the Employment, Engagement and Equality practice at international law firm RPC, warns thousands of regulations could still end up on the 'Brexit bonfire' and says:

"Reports that the Government is rethinking its stance on the Retained EU Law Bill, with only a third of the listed 2,400 regulations now potentially expiring by the end of 2023, should be treated with caution and some scepticism. 

"The number of laws in immediate peril could be reduced for now, but this might simply be a stay of execution for those that had been previously identified. 

"Laws that were at risk of being taken to the guillotine at the end of the year could, after the Bill has passed, still end up on the bonfire.  

"The sunset provisions might change, but otherwise the bill remains the same.  The potential for future changes to our laws endures. 

"The uncertainty is delayed not removed.  The sun will continue to shine on this debate."