Hong Kong RPC law training contract

Hong Kong training contract

At RPC, our differences, our diversity and our rich culture make us stronger as a law firm. That’s why we opened an RPC office in Hong Kong in 2012. Our growing Hong Kong office mirrors the rest of our practice, both in our strikingly real work ethic and broad range of insurance, commercial litigation and corporate work.

Together with lawyers from a more international background and our team based in Singapore, we’ve created a team of dynamic experts who can advise clients on local and global matters. As a trainee, we believe you’ll deliver your best if you’re free to be you. And that means being able to ask questions openly, being supported to develop your strengths, and having the right opportunities to grow.

Our offices are non-hierarchical and both open and accessible in terms of layout. There is no closed door policy here so this means from day one you’ll be sitting close to lawyers and partners, working as a genuine part of the team. Whether you’re handling complex insurance claims, resolving large-scale global disputes, or providing commercial advice and transactional support, your opinions will be listened to and respected.

We believe personal growth comes from being challenged. You’ll be given real responsibility throughout your time with us, but you’ll never be left to fend for yourself. You’ll have award-winning training and a supportive network of people around to help you.

We also believe you’ll grow if you’re free to explore. You will spend four six-month seats across our core areas of practice in Hong Kong, including insurance and commercial, so you can discover where you fit in the best. In addition, you may get an opportunity to spend six months of your contract seconded to our London office.

We know you'll have a million questions for us, so we asked our partners to answer some of the toughest...

The application process

In Hong Kong, our assessment days are normally held as part of the summer scheme. The exercises and assessments are designed to help us see if you’re the right fit for RPC and, while they might be hard work, they’re also a lot of fun. Apart from the exercises and assessments, the students who join our summer scheme will also get the chance to meet our partners in our office, and at some social occasions.

RPC Hong Kong training contract selection process

Who can apply?

At RPC, we know that you’ll do your best if you’re free to be yourself. That’s why if you’re an ambitious, open-minded adventurer, this might be the placement for you. You’ll need at least a 2.1 degree or equivalent, be fluent in Mandarin and English, and be able to read and write Chinese.

When should I apply?

  • Our application deadline for 2024 Hong Kong summer scheme is 31 March 2024. The 2026 Hong Kong training contract's is 31 July 2024.
  • Law students should apply in their penultimate year. Non-law students should apply in their final year.
  • Graduates can apply at any time.

Apply now

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Still got questions?

If we haven't covered it below then please get in contact with the recruitment team on +852 2216 7000 or by emailing us at strikinglyreal@rpc.com.hk.


Do you have any preference on which university to qualify for PCLL?

No, we don't. We recognise all the PCLL qualifications granted by any of the three law schools in Hong Kong, namely The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The City University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. You’ll have to pass your PCLL first time around in all of every exam.

Do you specify which electives should be studied to qualify for PCLL?

No, we do not have any preference on what electives you need to take as the core subjects have already covered the essential elements of our practices.

What is the benefits package?

Along with a competitive annual salary, you’ll be offered a creative full package of benefits.

We’re all unique. And that’s why RPC’s benefits package is, too. We respect we’re all real people with passions, families and lives away from our desks. So we provide our employees an effective reward and recognition package which offers competitive financial and non-financial benefits which are really valued by our people.

Our benefits package covers almost everything, from wellness festivals and social events, to family and wealth-related rewards. There’s even different wellness and social groups you can get involved with!

What will happen when I arrive?

The first few weeks will be taken up with our Trainee New Starter Programme which has been designed to introduce you to RPC. You’ll meet the partners, the current trainees and our trainee development team.

How much responsibility will I have?

This will be very much up to you! You won’t be left to make cups of tea but, depending on your ability and your personality, you’ll be given real responsibility from day one. We like to give our summer students a challenge, but you’ll never be asked to take on more than you are confident with. Your supervising partner will decide exactly how much you should take on at each stage of your training.

How will I know how I’m progressing?

We’re proud of our open and honest culture. So you’ll have regular, informal feedback from your supervisors. We'll also give you formal reviews every three months which will provide you, and us, with an opportunity to assess how you’re getting on and areas where we can help you progress further.

Will I have to work long hours?

We don’t expect anyone to work long hours for the sake of it. But, when there’s a lot of work to be done and deadlines are looming, we’ll naturally want everybody to put in the hours and pull together.

What is the firm's dress code?

You’ll need to wear professional business attire, although you’re encouraged to embrace your own sense of style. There are no corporate clones here.