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Prior arbitral award – abuse of process?

Topic: Commercial Disputes 30.03.2017 Read more

VAT update, March 2017

Topic: Tax Take 30.03.2017 Read more
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Rent reductions in Side Letters: do they work?

Topic: Built Environment 29.03.2017 Read more

New legislation will allow taxpayers to seek partial closure notices

Topic: Tax Take 29.03.2017 Read more
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What chance is there for developers railing against Stamp Duty Land Tax

Topic: Built Environment 28.03.2017 Read more
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Whose file is it anyway: What should a solicitor provide to a client when met with a request for "the file"?

Topic: Professional and Financial Risks 28.03.2017 Read more
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The role of executive pay in promoting responsible business

Topic: Trainees take on business 24.03.2017 Read more
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Altogether now – aggregation in solicitors' professional negligence claims

Topic: Professional and Financial Risks

Published by Jonathan Wyles, Legal Director and more.

The Supreme Court in AIG Europe Limited v Woodman and others [2017] UKSC 18 provides welcome clarification of how you can aggregate claims against solicitors under the SRA's Minimum Terms and Conditions.

23.03.2017 Read more

Blockchain technology for contracts: Above the law?

Topic: Tech 23.03.2017 Read more
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Supreme Court judgment on SAAMCo

Topic: Professional and Financial Risks

Published by Nick Bird, Partner

On 22 March 2017 the Supreme Court handed down its decision on the application of SAAMCo to claims against professionals.

22.03.2017 Read more