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2023 Gambling Act White Paper: The new age of gambling regulation

Published on 07 July 2023

The General Product Safety Regulation (EU/2023/988) (GPSR) was entered into the Official Journal of the European Union on 23 May 2023.

The GPSR came into force on 12th June 2023 and will apply from 13 December 2024, replacing and revoking the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) (GPSD) on non¬food consumer products and Directive (87/357/EEC) on food imitating products.

The GPSR addresses potential safety issues associated with new technologies sold online by increasing obligations on providers of online marketplaces, translating to possible operational changes for providers to ensure compliance. Under the GPSR authorities have enhanced enforcement powers and can take swift action to remove dangerous products from online marketplaces. Goods placed on the market before 13 December 2024 and which were compliant with the GPSD will not be prohibited from being sold.

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