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The Work Couch: Flexible Working

Published on 03 May 2023

Welcome to The Work Couch, the podcast series where we explore how your business can navigate today's tricky people challenges and respond to key developments in the ever-evolving world of employment law.

Since the pandemic prompted a major shift in how, when and where people work, the ability to work flexibly is now a key driver for recruitment and retention. The Government has confirmed its intention to make the right to request flexible working a "day one" default right, while a growing number of businesses have trialled and opted to implement permanently a four-day working week - with no loss of pay.

But how can businesses make flexible working work for their unique needs? What are the factors to bear in mind from a legal and practical perspective? And what changes to the law can we expect to see?

To guide us through this topic, Ellie Gelder talks to two employment law experts, Victoria Othen and Kelly Thomson, about:

  • Various forms of flexible working;
  • The current law on eligibility and employer obligations;
  • Potential legal claims relating to how the employer handles a request;
  • Addressing worker productivity concerns;
  • Expected changes to the law on the right to request flexible working;
  • Kelly and Victoria's personal experiences of working flexibly and the impact it has had on their careers;
  • The global pilot scheme for businesses to introduce a four-day working week with no loss of pay for employees; and
  • How to manage the risks of flexible working unintentionally excluding others.

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